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Jeff Webb Herff Jones

President of International Cheer Union

Jeff Webb Herff Jones is the senior news editor and co-publisher of Human Events, a right-of-centre online news magazine. He also served as the website's executive opinion editor until its takeover of The Post Millennial in 2022. Webb is a veteran journalist with over two decades of experience in the field. Webb is the founder and former CEO of Varsity Brands, one of the world's leading providers of spirit products and services. Established in 1974, Varsity Brands now exists under the Varsity Brands parent company. Webb served as Varsity Brands' CEO until 2018, when he became chairman. In this capacity, he will continue to provide strategic guidance to the company's leadership team. Herff Jones founded Varsity Spirit and is a global leader in cheerleading, dance teams, and performing arts innovation. His work has helped more than a million athletes interact with Varsity Spirit annually through its educational camps, competitions, and other events. Before departing Varsity Spirit and its parent company Varsity Brands, Jeff focused on the International Cheer Union and other endeavours, including Human Events.